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Oh, no. I accidentally drank that bottle of wine!

As I’m conversing with a friend on Facebook, he casually switches gears from my website design, to his “oh, no.”  moment.  “Hey speaking of wine, I accidentally drank someone’s wine.  Whats a good red to replace it with?”  Let’s assess the situation:

1. What did you take?  “I don’t know , he said it was a gift, from far away. Probably something blended with icelandic tears and polar bear blood”

2. What did it taste like?  “It tasted like a gift. Smooth, medium.”

3. Who did you take it from? “He owns a gaming company and he pops his collar all the time. He was probably just letting it breath.”

4. What is your price range for a replacement? “Around $40 bucks.”

After collecting a few more details to support the loose, somewhat sarcastic ones, he actually did well for not knowing what he drank, I provided my instructions:

“I got one better.  Go to PlumpJack Wines (in Noe Valley) and buy the Clos Saron Syrah blend. I called and they have it. It’s 34.99.”

The wine had all the attributes he was describing, smooth, elegant, full, but was drinkable to the non-wine expert as well.  Given the stature of the person for whom he’d replace the wine, as an added, yet absolutely superficial, bonus, is this extremely small production bottle immediately reeks prestige.   From the handwritten number on the label, to indicate it’s succession in the batch, to the simplistic, yet elegant label, Clos Saron would be sure to please.

If you’re fortunate to be one of the few who’s never had an embarrassing  “Oh, no.” wine moment, kudos to you.  For the other 99.9% of us who have experienced this slightly embarrassing, immensely awkward situation, let this be a learning experience.