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Lot18 provides access to high-quality, hard-to-find wines at attractive prices. Essentially, the Gilt of wine.  Today’s featured wine, a 2006 Domaine du Pegau Cuvée Réservée Châteauneuf, is a blend from France’s Rhône valley. Châteauneuf-du-Pape became popularized by Robert Parker, the renowned critic and author, and has been the subject of tasters, critics, and wine drinkers all over the world.

K&L wine merchants carries this wine, and at $10 more than the advertised $59.99, you can purchase locally, the same bottle and vintage. However, is this really the bottle you want?

Let’s think abou Gilt for a second. The goods that are being promoted are easy to evaluate, as there is immediate esthetic value created by looking at a beautifully shot blouse, rug, or even packaged pâté. Through being able to visualize clothing and foods, you can make an informed decision on what you purchase. With wine, however, there is always the cognitive inclination to chose the bottle with the pretty labels, and as we all know so well, that mistake often leaves you in dissatisfying dismay.

So, how do you select a wine? It takes hours of research to make one selection. For instance – what is the terroir like where the grapes are grown, which can differ from where the winery is located. What vintage is the wine and how did the grapes fare that year in that particular region? The more you read, the more questions you uncover, making the experience challenging and exhausting for most.

In addition to patience, it takes a genuine passion for the art of winemaking, and the love of wine to get down to the most granular level of a wine. Even then, there’s still much left up to chance. And after all of that, there is a chance that the wine may just not be to your liking.

So, back to this wine. There are a few points that lead me to my decision on whether this is a good buy. After a bit of research, coupled with my experiences drinking Châteauneuf, I would purchase this bottle. The winery is distinguished and the reviews are quite good. While many think this can build complexity over the next several years, it is drinking quite well.