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(par’ – a – dime) An example that serves as a pattern or model. A pattern for perfection.

Manhattan. Friends. Perfection.  I dined with 9 amazing friends, some of which I’ve known since childhood and others just met that evening, and boy did we go big.  Among the bone marrow, steak tartare and bone-in ribeye we ordered 2006 Paradigm Cabernet Sauvignon three bottles that evening.  The first was just that single bottle, as we wanted to try it before committing, but by the end of that bottle we had no other choice but to order two more.

This wine fills your mouth with a silky blanket of robust, yet still smooth, flavor. And with the food pairing, perfection.  I’ve since garnered the respect of my friends, and now wear the title of  “the one who orders the wine”.

Paradigm is a small production winery located in Oakville (in the Valley) and the winemaker, Heidi Barrett, is responsible for some of California’s most notable cult wines, including Screaming Eagle.  As such, there is an extensive waiting list, the winery does not accept visits to the winery and it’s difficult to even find a bottle to procure.   Paradigm Cab is the bottle you want.