Celebrating 40 Years of “Camp Dade” with Dee Vine Wines

Dade and Petra Thieriot of Dee Vine Wines, a premier importer of German wine, graciously opened up their home to entertain us for a Halloween party. From spooky music to ghoulish ghosts, the party was an absolute success. On the menu, beautifully roasting rotisserie chicken from RoliRoti, flavorful chili with all the fixins’ and of course, the amazing wines I’ve summarized.

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Mille Baci Italia | Monthly Wine Tasting

My wine tasting earlier this month at Nectar Wine Lounge featured italian wines from across the country.  The event was featured on Sosh and brought wine lovers together to taste wine from the 3rd largest wine producer in the world.  In case you’re interested in joining, I post all my events through britneyhc, so you can follow me there.

My intent was to let my guests get their feet wet in Italian varietals, rather than deep diving into the 20 wine regions of Italy.  My selection was thoughtful, as I wanted to represent multiple regions of the country, but also enable my guests to visit a wine shop or address a menu and have a reasonable idea of what to drink.

The process of picking a great wine is much more enjoyable, memorable and recognizable when you have a point of reference.

2011 Gianni Gagliardo “Fallegro” Favorita | Piedmont, Italy

This “Favorite Grape” has fresh aromas, flavors of pear and yellow apples with a citrus finish. Half way between still and sparkling, this lovely, crisp wine has just a bit of ‘frizzante’ adds just a tingle of effervescence.

2011 ColleStefano Verdicchio di Matelica | Marche, Italy

Interesting Italian white with a cult following.  I found this wine by chance, and fell in love with the stone fruit, crisp feel, and amazing aroma. This wine is made with organically grown Verdicchio grapes.

2006 Angelo Germano Barolo | Piedmont, Italy

Great value Barolo under $30.  Give it some room to breathe and it will love you. $29.99 K&L

2009 Vecchie Terre di Montefili Chianti Classico | Tuscany, Italy

A quintessential Chianti made of the widely planted grape Sangiovese.  This wine is balanced and offers great value at under $25.