Adventures in Wine

[slideshow]while time will be spent explaining why certain wines warrant “what were they thinking? putting this (insert offensive noun here) on the wine list!” i’d say my main goal is to whine with purpose.  however, it’s not always the wine’s fault! there are other factors involved in manipulating your wine experience.  what did you eat? what is your flavor profile?

A new year, new wine.  I am here to blog about how you can use what you know about wine to make educated decisions on what to drink next.  from california to italy, it’s finally sinking in that i’m at a point where I can intelligently order off of wine list.  wine experts, I’d love to hear from you too…so bring on the fun!

A critical component to the wine tasting experience is the social aspect of it all, so i will be sharing photos of my “wine-capades” to help put things into context (i promise, the corny wine-ism will be sparse).  This will be a truly interactive experience!

Share your thoughts, what was your best wine experience?